Bass Players and Composers

Gary Karr
Edgar Meyer
Robert Black
Rufus Reid
Simon Garcia
Frank Proto
Paul Ramsier
Patrick Neher
Nicholas Walker
Silvio Dalla Torre
Tom Schuttenhelm

Electric Bass Player Links

Jaco Pastorius
Victor Wooten

Bass Repair

Luthiers Around the World
Heartland String Bass Shop 
Robert McIntosh
, bass luthier
Arnold Schnitzer, bass luthier
James Ham, bass luthier
Jeff Bollbach, bass luthier
Mike Asetta, bass luthier, bass luthier

Bass Music and Supplies

Lemur Music
International Violin Company, LTD

International Music Company Co.
Theodore Presser Music

ABCs of Strings 
Ludwin Music

Liben Music
Discordia Music
ISG Publications
Doublebassist Magazine
Bass Players Magazine
Strings Magazine
J. D’Addario Strings
Marvin USA The new tailpiece that I am using!
Schertler Pickups
N-PIN Inc.
David Gage Bass Shop
String Shop
Bob Gollihur
Messina Covers
Concert Design Bass Stools
Cluster Research, Bass Wheel

Bass Organizations

International Society of Bassists

Bass Lessons Online
Bass Classifieds

Friends and Colleagues

Theodora Geraets, violin 
Matias de Oliveira Pinto
, cello


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